A wide range of products specific for sugar industry. They have been improved thanks to the historical partnership with the biggest Italian and foreign manufacturers.
Fabrics both in polypropylene and in polyamide, also mixed together. They are high till 6 meters without sleeves. 

Know-How and continuous investments in Resource & Development enable us to create customized products, in antistatic and double layer fabrics.
Our cloths accord to the following regulations:
o D.M. 21/03/1973 and successive amendments
o CE Regulation n° 1935/2004
o UE Regulation n°10/2011
o FDA Regulation, CFR 21 § 178.3400
o FDA Regulation, CFR 21 § 177.1520

Tessitura Fontana WORKS IN GMP.
Products quality, quick delivery, and constant assistance (before and after sale) make us one of the best supplier for Pharma Industry.

o Refining of alcoholic solutions
o Wines filtration, oils purification
o Juices filtration
o Animal wastes dehydration
o Drying and cooking of kneadings for pasta, cookies and bread
o Milk and cheese
Are all phases of the production process which needs safe filter solutions,, respecting very severe regulations. We are able to supply to our clients very high quality and reliability products, thanks to our FDA certificated fabrics and to our GMP way to work.

Chemical Industry needs filtering solutions both for gas and for liquids.
A wide range of felts and fabrics, also antistatic, is available in the different fibers of polypropylene, polyamide, polyester and cotton and makes us able to supply customized solutions. These depend both on the product to filter (glues, colors, silicates, sulphuric and phosphoric acids,…) and on the kind of filter (filterpresses, centrifuges, drum and vacuum filters, …)

We supply cloths and undercloths with customized make-up for marble and inert industry and select the fabric that allows the best panel separation, considering the best fiber and permeability. We also study the most suitable make-up, eventually completed with reinforced edges, in order to provide a longer life to the final product.

As time goes by, the attention for the environment is increasing.
We always invest in Resource & Development to find innovative solutions for the treatment of wasted water from any kind of industry. We supply a customized solution (based on the needs of the client and on the future of the product to be filtered) that starts  from the fiber, the weave and the fabric permeability and finishes with a make-up studied in any single part.

The refine of precious metals, like gold, copper and lead, needs filtering solutions able to separate the elements during the electrolysis. Fabrics studied for Rotary Vacuum Filter, Filterpress, Centrifuge, Disk Filter, Diastar Filter with customized make-up.