Filter Cloths

More than two hundred fabrics, in different hights, in natural or synthetic fiber, to satisfy any filtration need. Cloths with permeability from 1 to 5000 liters, for any Ph, studied and produced expressively for the customer.

Wet Filtration

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We are able to supply any industry thanks to our products with customized make-up, also in antistatic and FDA fabrics. Skilled technicians study the make-up and, where it is necessary, they collaborate with the client, too. The assistance continue also after sale.

Dust Filtration

Sleeves and connection sleeves in different felts and cloths, also antistatic. Customized multisleeves and multipockets bags, realized on the evaluations that technicians make by the client. They assist the client before, during and after sale.

Sugar Industry

Tessitura Fontana is leader in Italy and in the world in suppling filtering products to Sugar Industry. We use our timeless experience and knowledge to develop new advanced solutions.



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