Filtering Fabrics

To satisfy any filtration need. We have a wide range of filtering fabrics available in natural and synthetic fibers, in staple, continuous and monofilament yarn. Tessitura Fratelli Fontana satisfy the needs of every field of application.

Mesh fabrics, antistatic and double-layer fabrics complete our range of products. Cloths with permeability from 1 to 5000 liters, for any Ph and temperature, studied and produced expressively for the customer. Our continuous research activity allows us to find always innovative solutions, to create filter cloths with special weave, achieving a total customization of the product.

Cotton filter fabrics with different weights and permeability. They are used in the food industry because they can safely get in contact with food.

Synthetic filter fabrics artificially imitate natural fiber properties. They have high mechanical resistance and work with high temperatures. The type of fiber to be used depends on the needs of the filtration process and on the characteristics of the product to be filtered.

They grant a higher security in order to avoid electrostatic charges during the product processing All our antistatic fabrics are certified according to regulation UNI EN 1149-1:2006

Due to their special weave these fabrics allow to filtrate with the maximum accuracy the crystal of the product They are used in security filters.

Needled felts in synthetic fibers, in different thicknesses and permeability, also antistatic and with PTFE membrane. They are used for dry filtration but there are also felts for wet filtration.

Tessitura Fratelli Fontana

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